Grilled Meat

Grilled Meat

Grilled Chicken Fillet

Juicy fillets of fresh grilled chicken breast, with fresh french fries and steamed vegetables

Schnitzel Chicken Escalop Milanese

Fresh breaded chicken breast with egg, breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, accompanied with milanese saffron rice

Grilled Pork Fillet

With fresh masked potatoes and steamed vegetables

Grilled Burgers

Juicy beef burgers with french fries and steamed vegetables

Pork Bone Steak

Grilled pork chop with fresh fried potatoes

Beef Fillet (Black Angus)

With fresh mashed potatoes, butter and steamed vegetables

Beef Tagliata (Black Angus)

Boneless beef steak sliced with arugula and parmesan leaves

Tomahawk Beef Steak

With fresh french fries and butter

Variety of Meats

Burger, chicken fillet, sausages, smoked steak pork, french fries (for 2 people)